UniJal Window Parts & UniJal Door Parts:

If you are looking to replace or repair UniJal windows parts or UniJal doors parts (sometimes called Universal Metal Products, Uni-Jal, Uni-Vue, UniVue, UniJRL, louvered, jalouse or jalousie) you’ve come to the right place. We are the high quality original manufacturer of UniJal products. Save with “factory direct pricing” on replacement UniJal louvered window and door parts. Receive our entire parts product price list or order by phone. We offer:

  • UniJal Window parts
  • UniJal Door parts
  • UniJal Crank parts
  • UniJal Shaft parts
  • UniJal Operator parts
  • UniJal Housing parts
  • UniJal Worm Gear parts
  • UniJal Cross Gear parts
  • UniJal Housing Cap parts
  • UniJal Hex Shaft parts
  • UniJal Crank Shaft parts
  • UniJal Installation Screws

Louvered or jalousie windows and doors open and close with a manual operator by hand-crank and shaft. Operators come in two styles, for the 4 1/2″ louvered units or for the 8 1/2″ louvered units. Left crank or right crank available. Colors are bronze, white, or aluminum.

Components can be purchased separately or as a complete operator package. For UniJal parts contact us today…